TIJ1O 18/19 Group 3

group3Welcome to Exploring Technologies – Robotics group 3.


Safety First

Before we touch any tools we need to ensure we will have a safe work environment.  The following safety sheets will be provided on the first day of class, the sooner they are signed by the students and parents, the sooner we can start working on our projects.

Mr. McTavish’s Class Safety Package

Class Calendar

TIJ1O 18/19 Group 3 Calendar

By the end of each five days the lesson slideshows will be posted.  It is a good strategy to review these and take notes – quiz and exam questions will be based on them!

Class information – Week 1

Class information – Week 2

Class information – Week 3

Class information – Week 5

Please note – December 6 was a snow day.  We will bump the quiz to December 12

last day of class