TIJ1O 18/19 Group 2

Welcome to Exploring Technologies – Roboticsgroup2.

Safety First

Before we touch any tools we need to ensure we will have a safe work environment.  The following safety sheets will be provided on the first day of class, the sooner they are signed by the students and parents, the sooner we can start working on our projects.

Mr. McTavish’s Class Safety Package

Schedule of Learning

Download the class schedule (pdf)

By the end of each five days the lesson slideshows will be posted.  It is a good strategy to review these and take notes – quiz and exam questions will be based on them!

Parents and students – get updates and reminders!

How to hand things in

We use Google Classroom to hand in assignments.

Days 1-5

Days 6-10

Oct 29-

Nov 5 –


Daily Log and Learning Skills

On the third day of class we will start creating a daily log using Google Sites – this is a website (you can set it so only you and the teacher can access it) where you keep a record of what was done each day – this could be written, audio, video or pictures.  This site is to be a study guide – you can access it during the exam!  You are also required to reflect on how you demonstrated the following learning skills:

• do you complete your work?
• are you on time?
• do you behave properly?
Independent Work
• do you keep on top of your work?
• do you work in class without being asked to?
• do you follow instructions without the teacher having to continually watch?
• take on any job and work with other students?
• do other students feel you treat them well?
• do other students respect you?
• do you listen to others and respect their idea?
• do you share your skills to help others?
• do you create plans and get things done?
• do you manage your time?
• do you take advantage of technology (i.e. setting event reminders)?
• do you try new things in class?
• are you willing to try something new?
• do you volunteer for jobs?
• do you have a positive attitude?
• do you stand up for what is right?
• do you set goals for your self?
• do you ask for help when you need it?
• are you able to determine what your strengths and weaknesses are?
• do you keep going when the going gets tough?