Unit 1 Electronic fundamentals

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Safety First

Electricity can be dangerous – shocks, heat which can cause fires. Please follow these tips to ensure your safety:

  • Always get the teacher to approve circuits before applying a power source.
  • Ensure power is disabled when working on circuits.
  • Make sure you follow the proper polarity for circuits.
  • Use the appropriate wire gauge based on the amperage of the circuit.
  • Use Personal Protective Equipment when anyone in the room is doing something that could possibly a risk (i.e. wear safety glasses when cutting wires)
  • Soldering can release dangerous fumes, ensure ventilated workspace is used.
  • Make sure to familiarize yourself with the Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Solder can contain lead, ensure you wash hands immediately after soldering to remove lead or other dangerous chemicals.
  • Only work under teacher supervision.
  • Fuse panels are required to be accessible, ensure there is a clear path to them.

Weekly Lessons



We will use a variety of robots in our course.  To start we are using Arduinos to learn about circuits and sensors.

Team Tasks – Wiring Diagrams – rough draft by Sept. 8, 2017