Portfolio of Learning

Each unit you will participate in a number of activities. With robotics so much of what we cover will be hands on – your portfolio is how you will record your learning.  Here is what to include in your portfolio:

  • Document your work – if you make a circuit use pictures/videos to record details, record circuit diagrams etc.
  • Reflect on your learning – you may have a project fail, what went wrong, how can you improve and prevent the problem in the future?
  • Extend your learning –  the skills and concepts covered in class are simply a stepping stone, challenge yourself to go beyond and dig deeper.
  • Use the unit questions and make sure that you provide evidence that you have accomplished each question.
  • Clearly label so that it is easy to determine what question your evidence answers.
  • Every piece of evidence needs to be accompanied by  a written paragraph of rationale and a separate written paragraph of self-reflection.

It is your responsibility to maintain your portfolio and to demonstrate mastery of the concepts and skills covered in class.

Grading Criteria
Each individual piece of evidence will be graded according to the following scale:

Grading Rubric

The overall portfolio is scored as follows as an indication of the extent to which the portfolio indicates that the student has mastered the 15 course objectives:
Grade: Rubric:
A Strong evidence in at least 12 objectives; adequate in other three;
B+ Strong evidence in at least 12 objectives; adequate in at least one other;
B Strong evidence in 10 objectives; adequate in all others;
C+ Strong evidence in 9 objectives; adequate in others;
C Strong evidence in 9 objectives; adequate in at least one other;
D+ Adequate evidence in 12 objectives;
D Adequate evidence in 10 objectives;
F Adequate evidence in less than 10 objectives;

Submission and Possession of Evidence:

Submission of evidence for mastery of each objective is to be done during class meetings and you are expected to have your portfolio during class time. It is your responsibility to see that your portfolio is current and accurate. No late submissions will be accepted unless you have emailed the teacher at least 48 hours in advance to negotiate an alternative due date and the teacher has approved in writing the alternative due date.. Any submissions remotely suspected of plagiarism will receive a score of 0.