The physics behind six wheel robot bases

A group of our students made a robot that had to fit in a 4 cubic foot volume. To maximize the length of the arm they chose to build a frame 1’x4′, long and narrow. Needless to say it did not turn very well (they managed to turn but using the arm to push the robot up!) Here is a white paper I found that explains the physics do the math before you build!

The Book Whisperer

“Consuming a literary diet built exclusively on the classics does not provide students with the opportunity to investigate their own personal tastes in reading material and narrows their perspective of reading to the school task of hyper-analyzing literature. (Miller, Donalyn p. 124)”

“I have no issue with standardized testing per see; I believe that students who cannot pass the minimum expectations set by these tests are not good readers. What I have grown to mistrust is how the high-stakes nature of these tests has disrupted quality reading instruction (p. 133).”

Hoya Robotics Wish List

To prepare for the 2017-2018 season we’ve been chatting about the items we hope to use if we can raise the funds!

VersaPlanetary Gearbox

217-4973_2.pngUsing these on our climber this year we are sold – the versatility allows them to be used in shooters or mechanisms that can support the weight of an entire robot.

item 217-2973 – Quantity: 4 Base VersaPlanetary v2 1:1 with 1/2″ Hex output

Item 217-2816 Quantity: 4 VersaPlanetary Ring Gear Add on kit

Item 217-2817 Quantity: 4 VersaPlanetary 3:1 Gear kit (we can use for shooting)

Item 217-3102 Quantity: 4  – 7:1 gear kit (combine this with the 3:1 to get a 21:1 gear ratio.

Motor 775pro 217-3371 Quantity: 4

Item 217-5046: VersaPlanetary Integrated Encoder Minimu 2

Tubing for conveyor systems


Hollow-Core Round Belting with Smooth Surface, Quick-Connect, 3/16″ OD, Clear
Item 6567K1 – 60′

Connectors – 6567K26 – 2 packages

Round belting as well 59725k731 with 6180k12 connectors

Presentation about conveyor systems

Roller information from Chief Delphi – Tom Line:

I’ll let you in on a little secret I figured out this past year.

Get a polycarbonate roller from mcmaster with 1.125 ID. Put a bearing on one end, and put a versa hub on the other. You see, many common FRC bearings are 1.125 OD, and the versa hub’s “hub” is 1.125. Super glue them in and you’re done. You can either direct drive the versa hub (if you pick a 1/2 bore hub), leave it to run on the plastic with a 3/8 shaft, or bolt a 25 sprocket to the hub if you want to chain drive it.

That’s it. Zero work rollers.…g-20141010.PDF

Not very expensive either, and clear so you can put all sorts of gimmicks inside them

Labels for Wiring


Vinyl Tape  – simple colour coding for wiring to ensure everything connects in the correct spot.

Or this:


colson-groupFor shooters etc.

Colson Performa (2.5″ x 1.25″, 1/2″ Hex bore)

Quantity: 8

Versahubs quantity 8

VersaHub (1/2″ Hex)



217-2659#35 Sprocket w/ Hub – 12t – 1/2″ Hex ID


Quantity 8

#35 Plate Sprocket – 30t


Quantity 8


#35 Roller Chain (10 feet)


Base material


Perforated Polycarbonate Sheet (is there a Canadian supplier?)

Gear box for drive train

217-3195This past year we tried using a 2 cim drive train – huge difference.  Ideally we would love to have a shifting drive train allowing us to switch between speed and pushing power as required.  This cost is huge but would be awesome!

3 CIM Ball Shifter base kit (217-3195) quantity 2

30t Gear with 3/8″ Hex Bore (217-3210) quantity 2

Long shifter shaft 2.65 Ratio Spread 217-3291 quantity 2

Pancake Pneumatic Cylinder 3/4″ Bore, 1/2″ travel 217-2778 quantity 2

Vexpro Ball Shifter Pneumatic Fitting Kit 217-2907 quantity 2

CIM Motor 217-2000 quantity 6

Victor SP 217-9090 quantity 6