Lego EV3 Training

[Welcome to Lego EV3 Training Boot camp! Trillium Lakelands DSB FLL teams, RoboFair teams and high school robotics teams can use these resources to get up to speed and start building robots!

The Building Tools

All of these tutorials assume you have the Lego EV3 Educational kit – look for the word Education on the bin!  The home kit is pretty similar but there are some differences you need to ensure you understand. The bin has a sorting bin – your first priority is to sort all your pieces and do an inventory.  You can always order more pieces but it helps to keep them in the right spot.

It is really important that everyone is trained to build on a surface where you won’t lose pieces.  They are pretty small and hard to find if you drop them.  Making sure that pieces are put back in the appropriate location in the tray will help ensure you can find what you need when building.  Having a bin that is big enough to hold the robot can be handy as well.


Programming your robot allows you to control it.  There are a few options you can use:

  • Programming on the Brick – there are buttons and a display screen directly on the brick – this allows you to program without requiring anything else!
    Pros – everything you need is right there, great for ensuring your motors and sensors are working and plugged in the way you thought they were.
    Cons – only simple programs are possible.
  • Tablet – iPads and Android tablets can be used to program and control the brick.
    Pros – Fairly easy to access and intuitive to use.  You can quickly modify programs.
    Cons – using bluetooth or wifi can drain battery life fairly quickly.
  • Chromebooks – there is a chromebook app available, you have similar functionality to the tablets.
  • Computer – Full software gives you lots of functionality.  Education version can be downloaded here with curriculum resources!  Note that if you download the home version of the software your sensors aren’t the same and you will find it frustrating!
    Pros – Complex programs are much easier to manipulate with a mouse.
    Cons – Often more expensive.

Most school equipment can’t be used off of school property, you can get your principal to put in a Helpstar request so your equipment is configured to allow you to use it off school property for competition.

Let’s Start Building!

Your kit should contain a booklet with building instructions – we’re going to start with that to learn some basics.  Your goal is to build it until you have a robot that can drive.  Don’t worry about the sensors yet, we’ll get there.

Watch this page for links to tutorials in the coming weeks!


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