My response to the ‘sex-ed’ curriculum by the current Ontario government

There was an announcement today in the news about the ‘sex-ed’ curriculum. Here is the letter that I have sent to the Minister of Education, her deputy minister and my local MPP. I would encourage people to learn about this – if you are happy with the Ontario Government decision I would ask if you have read the current curriculum document.
To the Honourable Lisa Thompson, Norm Miller and Sam Oosterhoff:

I have taught in Ontario for over 20 years. During that time I had the honour of teaching a number of students that are homosexual or transgender. A number of students also had parents that are homosexual or transgender. It is on behalf of these students and their families that I am writing this today.

I recognize that the Ontario Conservative Party pledged to revamp the ‘sex-ed’ curriculum. I do hope that you will consult with teachers and experts during this process in addition to parents – the consultation process that you value must be comprehensive. In the news today it was reported that Ontario will revert to the previous curriculum for health and phys-ed. Here are my concerns with that decision.

– The 2015 curriculum was designed to help reduce bullying for students that might not fit in because of their gender identity or sexual orientation. How will these students be protected?

– In the previous curriculum cyber bullying and sexting didn’t exist. These are issues that happen, how will students be taught strategies to avoid and prevent these issues?

– One of the controversial aspects of the 2015 curriculum is the use of proper names for body parts. This is standard in many provinces and other countries and helps to ensure that students are able to advocate for themselves and avoid being sexually assaulted. What is being done to keep our children safe?

I would ask that the Ontario Government either ensure that the current up to date curriculum is used until you introduce a new curriculum document that is best on research and best practices. If not, then I would ask that you address my three main concerns so that my students and children have a safe and healthy environment.
Thank you,
Ian McTavish, OCT



Election is done but you can still have your voice heard. Be active in democracy.

I remember a politician telling me that they knew an issue was important ton constituents because they received eight emails about it.


That’s it.

Our government impacts our daily lives in so many ways. Regardless of how you voted, regardless of what party you support be a voice. Educate yourself on the issues you face and let your member of provincial parliament or member of parliament know. If eight people can influence a decision then you have a say.

How to calculate where to mount a wheel when you are driving it with a belt.

In class we are building a drive train. We have a number of parts and are working out where to mount everything. We plan to use a Gates HTD Timing Belt, 15 mm Wide 104T (am-2267)

Htd belt

The pulley on our wheel is the Pulley, 42 Tooth (am-2234)


The pulley on our gearbox is the 39 Tooth HTD Plastic Drive Pulley Kit (am-2361)


Tip: when you don’t know what pulley you have count the teeth!

West Coast Products has a belt calculator. Enter the number of teeth for both pulleys and then modify the desired center distance until the belt with the number of teeth shows up.