Lego #ev3 programs that are useful for FLL – turning and using the lines on the the board

Robot Setup:

Program that uses the Gyro sensor – can turn the robot and stop when the robot turns a certain angle.


Using the Port View to determine what value to use for a black line

Program to stop robot when it reaches a black line


Default Ports for Lego EV3

New users often run into a problem when they program the Lego EV3 they don’t get the output they expect. Usually this is because they plugged the motor or sensor into a port and did not check if the programming block is using that port. A simple solution is to use the default Ports.

  1. Touch sensor
  2. Gyro sensor
  3. Colour sensor
  4. Ultrasonic sensor
    1.  Medium motor
    2. Left drive motor
    3. Right drive motor
    4. Large motor