Potential Scholarships for students on Hoya Robotics team 4152

  • Canadore College: $6490
  • McMaster University: $15000
  • Nipissing University: $8486
  • Queen’s University: $2500
  • St. Clair College: $1000
  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT): $3000
  • University of Waterloo: $5000
  • University of Windsor: $1000
  • Western University: $3000
  • York University: $3000


Design a gearbox for #frc using #onshape #firstrobotics

Design a Gearbox tutorial – average 75 minutes per 20 slides

In robotics class we will be doing projects where the ability to design and manufacture a gearbox will be very useful. This tutorial is an adaptation of the tutorial by Ryan Tam:


Future tutorials will be linked to from here showing how to take the design to a complete manufactured part.

In order to complete this tutorial you should learn the fundamentals of parametric design using onShape:


You need an education account to access these tutorials.

From Design to Manufacture

Videos of the tutorials:

Parts 1 & 2

Parts 3-5

Parts 6-8

Part 9 – assemble the drive train

Part 9 continued – adding bearings and gears

Designing custom gears

In class we need to work out some gears. I wanted to design my own gear generator in onShape to cement the concepts for myself.

Sketch for the gear

Here is the onShape document I’ve created. It’s a work in progress so it will change over time. The goal is that everything is based on variables:

Variables in onShape

Change the number of teeth from 36 to 24 and the gear will automatically change.

This document was a great help in working it out.

There’s an online gear generator that is very slick – I’m planning on comparing my gears to it.

Next step – incorporate the Module. For the Denso motor there is a 0.75 module.

https://khkgears.net/new/ is an invaluable resource.

Denso Motors and Ontario Skills

Denso Motor
Denso Motor

Over the years there have been many Denso motors we received in the Kit of Parts. We’ve not used them due to the lack of power. For Ontario Skills this year we are exploring them

https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/frc/mechanical-resources has the link for motor specification:

Using the JVN calculator we are able to determine the RPM for a small robot – note that the units are Oz-In for stall torque!

The module for the gear does not match the gears we get from Vex. This thread provides a link for where we can get CAD files for gears that match.

There are a few teams that have posted gearbox information here.

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2016224 is a nice 3d printed gearbox.

We looked at using this. In order to use it in our design we needed to convert the stl files to step files. Once done we ended up with the following:

Denso gearbox

This has a few issues – the position of the wheel being the biggest. We’re going to look at whether we can re-position items in this gearbox so that the wheel touches the ground and the gearbox is not as bulky.

https://www.team4613.org/redbox the redbox is a smart design.

Wireless communication with Arduino

Image from https://howtomechatronics.com/tutorials/arduino/arduino-wireless-communication-nrf24l01-tutorial/~

RF (Radio Frequency)

The How To Mechatronics website has a great tutorial on using the NRF24L01. The most crucial aspect is to check the voltage requirements!!! (use the 3.2V not the 5 V)

The Instructables tutorial has a great strategy to use a capacitor to ensure a consistent current.


More How To Mechatronics has a number of tutorials.