Testing – #firstpowerup

at Georgian one of problems was the intake started smoking. Turn out the arms were pressing against the wheel stalling the motor. We spent the Saturday of competition dealing with this issue and finally had an intake that eliminated this problem.

The most important thing is to learn from our mistakes. So here is out new testing plan.

During the build season I remember some students testing the intake – I think they did two trials and it worked so they were done.  Here’s the plan for our six hour build:

intake testing template

I created this template in publisher – simply draw a line, copy it many times.  You then select a line (tab allows you to select the next object).  Drawing Tools – Format allows you to click the measurement button and you can then rotate.  Use the Align Relative to Margin Guides to position them to the top left.  This template is then printed off on Tabloid paper (if you’ve never printed to a photocopier you don’t know what you are missing).

The goal is then to tape this template to the floor, put the cube on the template and test the intake.  I prepared this tracking sheet.  The goal is to work through the sheet – if a failure happens then identify the failure (i.e. on the Sunday our one intake wheel was harder to turn, we identified that the threaded rod connecting the churo to the motor shaft spun out).  Now we can numerically determine the effectiveness of our intake.


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