#CanadianTeachers need to care about copyright reform. #onedu #tldsblearns


When I started teaching in the late 90s there were four main textbook publishers: Nelson, Pearson, McGraw, and Gage. Today only two remain, Nelson and Pearson.

While you may not think textbooka are relevant, I assure you the content is. Nelson and Pearson (and McGraw before it was sold this past year) have some interesting products that make Canadian content accessible and useful for students and teachers. In this age of “alternative facts” it is more important than ever to ensure we have high quality resources that use effective pedagogy.

Each textbook also used a plethora of Canadian talent – writers, editors, fact-checkers, reviewers etc.. Are we ok with Canadian voices being silenced and replaced with American resources? Do we value the work of others or simply rely on photocopied sheets from God knows where?

If you value Canadian content, take action. Buy a resource to determine if you want to use it next year, contact your MP and ask them what they are doing to protect Canadian voices.

Ian McTavish, OCT


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