Responding to the latest thing Trump did

I’ve been following the Trump soap opera lately and a few things have been getting under my skin.

1- Trump tweeting is not policy. When he is sharing his views on who can serve in the military he is deftly changing the discussion away from the areas he does not want people to focus on. I feel like the social media universe is Pavlov’s dog.  

2. Facts don’t seem to matter to people.  Whether it is the financial cost that he is claiming or the ‘leaked’ financial records of Scaramucci (his financial disclosure was freely available – little thing called transparency) I am amazed at how people accept whatever they view or read without a little independent research to verify the information. One area I cover in the library is how to differentiate facts from opinions, the world needs more education in this area.

3. Civility – when reading about Trump, Trudeau or Wynne you would think that you were back in the middle ages as part of a mob. I do love Michelle Obama’s statement – when they go low I go high. By all means disagree with our political leaders but back up your opinions with facts and be respectful.

4. Discrimination is not ok. Ever. Skin colour, religion, sexuality – why can’t we respect our differences? Is is simplistic to project our views on an entire community.

Thanks for letting me rant.


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